Flood and Water Restoration

Flood and water restoration is important in the St. Louis area. Huck’s Carpet Cleaning provides emergency flood and water restoration / extraction services and we have extensive experience with these emergencies.

Water damage goes hand-in-hand with almost every type of disaster. Floods, sewage backup, earthquakes, and even house fires mean water in your house where it shouldn’t be. More commonly, a broken pipe or cracked washing machine hose can destroy a room in just hours.

With flood damage, speed is essential. Water can do more harm the longer it soaks into carpet, walls and furniture. Fast service also means less time out of your home while the restoration team works.

Many commercial customers choose to, or must, have this work performed during off-hours, thus having less of an impact on their business. Therefore, we are available 24/7, and will accommodate whatever is most convenient for you. See more…

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