Carpet Cleaning Candle Wax

Cleaning candle wax off carpet isn’t as hard as you think.  But when it happens, you panic.  All you need is a butter knife, iron, stain remover and white cotton towels.  Here’s what to do to get candle wax out of carpet.

Cleaning Candle Wax off Carpet

1.  Butter Knife.  Scrape the wax loose with a butter knife and then vacuum up the loose wax.

2.  White Cotton Towel:  Dampen a white cotton towel with warm water or hot water.  Place the towel on top of the wax.

3.  Steam Iron:  Place a hot iron, set on high, over the towel and let it set there for about 10 seconds.  The heat will draw the wax out of the carpet and onto the towel.  Repeat until all wax is gone.  Don’t let the towel get too dry; if it does, dampen it again.

Note: you may want to spray some carpet cleaner in that spot if there’s a little candle coloring left over.  Spray the cleaner on the stain and scrub it in a gently.  Dab it dry with a clean white towel and let air dry.  This step is optional.

Be aware if you do use carpet stain remover on the wax spot, the store-bought chemicals may have an adverse reaction to professional carpet cleaners that are used by carpet cleaning companies.  It doesn’t happen very often, but it is possible. 

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