Home Organization

Home organization can seem like an overwhelming task. Try these quick home organization tips for maintaining a clutter-free home.

Home Organization

Welcome the Wastebasket

If trash tends to accumulate in the family room, adding a wastebasket might cut down on clutter. De-cluttering is a big part of home organization and few family rooms actually have a wastebasket in them. The reason is because they’re not attractive and they can smell. Counteract this by choosing a can that fits your room’s decor.

Keep Flat Surfaces Clutter-Free

Papers, books, brochures and magazines tend to accumulate on flat surfaces all around the house, and the family room is no different. In fact, the family room is often more cluttered because it’s a central gathering place in the house. A two drawer lateral file is an ideal recommendation for your home organization. If you don’t have the floor space, a stackable file cart will do.

Organize Out-of-Control Cords

Until the world goes wireless, we’ll forever be stuck with tangled cables behind our entertainment centers. Fortunately, there are several options for taming cords in the family room. The most attractive is the slim Cableyoyo. It neatly coils up to six feet of cord and comes with an adhesive backing that sticks onto nearly any surface. A cable caddy usually sticks onto a desktop (or behind the TV console) and has a space for several cables to clamp into. Your cords will still dangle freely, however, so a cable zipper, which encloses all the cables in a tube, might be the best bet.

Take Advantage of Space Behind Sofa

Organize extra blankets, pillows, candles in an accessible place, such as behind the sofa. It’s a great place to put a trunk, cabinet or low bookcase. Plus, it gives you another surface to put a lamp or show off some treasured objects.


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