Tips for Pet Owners

When you have pets in your home, your carpet cleaning maintenance requirements may not be something you had considered. There are many ways to help make your carpet cleaning easier. Ensuring accidents are cleaned up quickly, and vacuuming is done often and thoroughly are just two ways to keep carpets clean.

  1. Clean the Mess Immediately. Cleaning up messes immediately not only helps maintain a cleaner carpet, it also discourages pets from marking those areas repeatedly. This can save pet owners from a lot of stress and frustration because, as more time passes, your carpet absorb whatever mess has been sitting on it, leading to staining and prolonged issues with odor.
  2. Vacuum Frequently and Thoroughly. Another way to keep your carpet clean is to vacuum regularly. Vacuuming pet hair and dirty paws can seem never-ending, but it is a very important step in cleaning up pet hair and other dirt or dust from within your carpets. Be sure to vacuum in different directions over the carpet. Many people make the mistake of only vacuuming in one direction. Unfortunately, this may not complete the task of cleaning the carpets. Going over the same area in multiple different directions allows the vacuum to loosen hair that may be tangled with the carpet fibers, releasing the hair and sucking it into the vacuum.
  3. Use a Fiber Protector. Fiber protectors will help prevent dirt particles from sticking in the carpet fibers, which will reduce the chance of stains developing. The fiber protectors that Huck’s Carpet Cleaning utilizes are completely safe. Children and pets are fine to play on the carpet with no issues, making this treatment ideal for pet parents.

Call Huck’s Carpet Cleaning St. Louis today and we can help with all your pet stains and odor.

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